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We Are The Beautiful Geeks

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All Members , Moderated

Geeks unite. Yes, we're a rating community. No, we're not terribly bitchy and/or unintelligent. We do not rate on looks, race, religion, sexuality, etc. But you've gotta be one geeky sonofabitch to be in with us.

We're decent kids who prefer the geekier side of life. Join us, in a very Sith-like manner.
We elitists. We won't accept anyone and everyone.

1. A full application must be posted within' 48 hours of joining or I will delete your ass.
2. All applications behind an el jay cut (the (...) button)
3. No community promotion! Exceptions may be made, only by mod authority.
4. We're prejudice free here, folks. Any colour, creed, religion, sexuality... we're about the geek factor, nothing more and nothing less.
5. Accepted members must be completely honest when voting. If you don’t like an applicant; make sure they know it.
6. Elitism required. If you’ve been accepted you are better then other people. Remember that kids when voting.
7. No drama. Drama is over-rated.
8. Keep active. Vote. Promote. Participate in themes.
9. What the mod says goes. Don’t argue with me or I’ll ban you.

Always remember to use a live journal cut (the (…) button). We don’t want your faces filling up our friends pages now do we?
Your Name +
Your Age +
Where are you? +
Gender +
Body Mods +
Favourite Bands +
Favourite Films +
Favourite Books +
Favourite Simpsons Quote +
Favourite TV Show +
Favourite Website +
Favourite Past-Time +
Dislikes +
Your life story in under 50 words +
Why would we consider you a Beautiful Geek? +
What makes you so special? +
Quote to live your life by +
Post least one picture of yourself +

Jay Parker – Head Moderator/Maintainer

Kelly – Co-Mod

Copy the code below & paste into communities, your own journal, websites, message boards... Where ever you want to. You'll end up with this image:

The code to copy (make sure you remove the *'s, or you'll look like a silly):
<*A HREF="http://community.livejournal.com/beautiful_geeks/" TARGET="_blank"><*IMG SRC="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/kid-kenobi/promotion.gif" BORDER="0"></a>